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Monday, May 23, 2011

Time is not of the essence

Time they say is of the essence. Time and tide they say waits for no man. Time they say…. Who are THEY?

Time has slipped by for me with my blog and it has been two weeks since I put fingers to the keyboard but the whales of whom I write are on time, taking their time, making their way up the east coast of Australia on their annual migration.

Heading off during the months of March and April the humpback whales leave the feeding grounds of the Antarctica traveling up to 10,000 kilometers to the Whitsunday area, a perfect breeding and birthing ground of sub-tropical waters. In July the homeward journey begins. This is when the whales stop and play in Platypus Bay, off Fraser Island and Hervey Bay for one or two days and sometimes one or two weeks.

The migration appears to be completely structured, organized and perfectly orchestrated but when you come up close to a lolling whale in Hervey Bay you would not think that they had already swum thousands of miles, eaten little if nothing in the way of food. They appear happy, content and what is really fascinating, they appear to be interested in checking you out.

Tears have been known to flow down many a cheek of a mere mortal, me being one of them, when they come close to and make what can only be described as a spiritual connection with these massive mammals. This is when time stands still.

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