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Sunday, March 27, 2011

Whale Names - Introducing Nala

Nala is the patron whale of Hervey Bay. The Hervey Bay community adopted Nala in 2005 as part of the Humpback Icon Project, which celebrates the annual migration and campaigns against whaling. Nala is part of the 11,000 strong east Australian humback whale population.

She was first spotted in 1987 and named in 1996, after the character from the Lion King movie, by a group of children aboard the Oceania Project research vessel. The tradition of the Lion King continued, naming her offspring Simba in 1996; Pumba in 1998; Rafiki in 1999; Mufasa in 2002; Timone in 2003 and Zazu in 2006.

By 2010 they had run out of movie names and so it was put to the public to name Nala’s new calf. The Chronicle offered a whale watch trip as first prize. Many a name was proffered. Alan was one of them, Nala spelt backwards, but alas it was a girl. But it was Jennifer McLean’s suggestion of Mirrhi, the Aboriginal name meaning ‘little girl’, which won.

Wally Franklin from the Oceania Project said Aboriginal names could provide inspiration for naming Nala’s calves further down the track when she brought them to Hervey Bay.

It is not the first time an Aboriginal word has been used to name a humpback whale. Migaloo, who is as a "hypo-pigmented" humpback or albino whale, is another famous whale seen on the east coast of Australia. Migaloo is the name Aboriginal community elders from the Hervey Bay area in Queeensland use to describe a White Fella. He is a rather large white fella often being described as ‘bigger than a truck’. I am not sure if that is a pick up truck, semi trailer or a B Double. I would hazard a guess, a B Double.

For more stories on whales, like Phantom and her calf Opera and how they got their names visit the web site of The Oceania Project:

Wednesday, March 16, 2011

What's in a Name

What's in a name.
My granddaughter was born in the September. It was November and do you think a name could be chosen that sounded just right and suited this tiny new bundle of sleepiness. The local barmaid's name was thrown forward as a suggestion - no. Nothing against the girl but it just didn't sit right. The array of names on the fridge changed on a daily basis and verbalised constantly but - no. None of them fitted.

I suggested Talei which is Fijian for precious. This stirred some feelings and the name was used in a whimsical way - it took two weeks before it was accepted as the name she would have and use from this day forward.

Zoe is Greek for life It was added in honour of me. While living in Greece that is what I was called - there is no Sh in Greek so Zoe it was for me then and Talei now. Talei Zoe.

The Renee came some time later - a long story and another chapter of my blog. Renee is French for reborn.

So we ended up with Precious Life Reborn - just in time to fill in the registration paper work for the government. Talei Zoe Renee.

Talai was born on the same date as a very special 'Nan'. Nan had passed so in essence a precious life had indeed been reborn.

What's in a name - it fascinates me!

Sunday, March 13, 2011

New Website

All is very exciting as I work with my web designer coming up with my very own web page - Shirley Cameron-Smith.
It is an interesting exercise thinking about yourself and your business. Just exactly who are you, and what do you do.
I thought these would be easy questions to answer. What I am finding is that while they are easy in some respect, because you know the subject well, it is confronting. I am confronted with thinking about EXACTLY who I am and exactly what it is that I do do.
I have underestimated myself. I have obviously been doing this for years. What an eye opener this, creating a website, has been for me.
Loving every minute, driving the web designer mad but boy what a ride.